- Target's Trashing Treatise

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- Target's Trashing Treatise

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- Target's Trashing Treatise

== INTRO ==

Trashing, its the best cat burglar fun this side of roofdropping Sarah and
Lachlan Murdoch's mansion while 'Lochie Boy' is away on business. Because
I've been having so much fun trashing recently, I thought I'd write a more
specific study of this fine art. The great thing about trashing is that if
it is done properly it is about as illegal as stepping on a crack in the
sidewalk. You see, because trash has been 'discarded' it is not really
stealing to take it. Getting caught is more of an 'inconvenience' than
anything else. Nevertheless, this inconvenience is unnecessary so abit of
preparation helps to the end of avoiding it. The aim of this file is to run
you through the basics and teach you abit about the legal implications of
trashing. This guide doesn't have to manifest itself in weeks of planning
beforehand. For the most part it can be done on the fly. You can also modify
these methods for your own approach. I provide a full approach because I
think you will benefit from knowing my exacting opinions.

I have lumped both cops and security guards into the term 'security'.


Walking/Cycling from home
This is for if you don't have, or don't want to use, an automobile.
Generally, your local exchange should be within a distance from your house
to make this viable. If you do this, try to take the route of least activity/
witnesses. The side streets and alleys are good for this.

Equipment Concealment
If you are stopped by security, you don't want them to search you and find
equipment that suggests you are out for anything sus like. The equipment
you will likely be carrying will be: A torch, Rubber gloves, Bag, Picks/
Shims etc. You can only get busted for carrying picks or boltcutters. Even
a torch, rubber gloves and bag all together aren't illegal even if they find
them. They just look really sus. If you know in advance that there will be no
padlock on the dumpster, you can save yourself alot of trouble by leaving
your B+E tools at home.

Bag - Put something in your bag like a folder or something to show that is
what you're using the bag for and not for carting away stolen goods. The
idea here is more disguise than concealment. You could always scrunch up a
plastic bag and put it in your pocket (don't do this if you don't want to
make noise at the site.) The excuse for having this could be something like,
"I bought some food and ate it, so I put the bag in my pocket." I have also
found that often there is a small enough amount of paper to just put in my
pocket or tuck in my pants so I didn't need a bag!

Rubber gloves - Wear some shorts under your jeans (or whatever) and put
one glove in each pocket. Even if frisked they will still feel like fabric.
They're not 100% necessary, but they're so you don't leave prints on the off
chance that the run was noticed and they can be bothered to check. They are
also to keep your hands clean.

Picks - 1) Get a thick texta, remove the dye cloth shit from inside, wrap
your picks in popped bubble wrap and stow inside. It will feel exactly
like a regular texta. If you're carrying a bag, put it in a pencil case
with other pens, if in your pocket, carry some other pens with it. You only
really need the lifter and a tension wrench. A classic double pronged
tension wrench will fit inside a relatively small sized texta with a
lifter. You can also keep the tension wrench lying at the bottom of your
bag cause they just look like a piece of crappy metal.
2) Lifter in one pocket, Tension wrench in the other, hands in
pockets. See a cop, throw them away. If asked what you threw away, deny
throwing anything away. If they are found, deny ownership.
3) Things like regular tension wrenches, shims and homebrew picks
just look like pieces of crappy metal.

Torch - Kind of difficult to conceal but it IS night-time. Could put a
small one on the end of a keyring to make it look like you carry it around
all the time anyway. I have cut a slit in the inner pocket of my bomber
jacket. When I put the torch in, it falls inside the lining where it is
better hidden against a search and the excuse "It must have been there for a
while without my noticing it" is more believable.

Clothes - Don't bother wearing matt black. Just wear normal clothes,
earthy, nature look clothes still look dark at night and don't look so
bloody suspicious.

Putting your equipment somewhere near the exchange during daylight hours,
ready to pick up later at night is also a feasable tactic. This is the only
way to 'smuggle' a pair of boltcutters to the scene for example.

Excuses For Where You're Going
If pulled over at 2:00 am you are going to have to account for your
whereabouts with something better than "I like going for walks at night -
got a problem with that?" Always have an excuse ready for every occasion.
Good examples are :
"I'm going to my friend's/girlfriend's house." - will be asked to
explain where friend lives - preferably make it a real friend who doesn't
mind covering for you but they won't investigate your bluff if you just
answer swiftly and eloquently.
"I'm going home." - depends on your direction of travel really. You will
be asked where from, so its your friend's house again, or your work or
place of learning etc.
Take into account the equipment you have with you. ie. "To do some study"
or "Going to go to uni with her tomorrow."

Random Civilians
Don't say, "Hi", don't try to hide, just ignore them. This also goes for
security unless they approach you.

Going To And From Vehicle
This counts for where you hide your bike as well. The route you take
should generally be out of sight of potential witnesses. You should park
your car in a place in will not look out of place (ie. carpark.)


This should be taken into account because it will piss you off if you
get there and the dumpster is empty. These differ from area to area but if
you go the night before, there will be more stuff to go through. Also, you
will be able to see abit about people activity patterns (ie. if a nearby
house has the lights on and the bin not out, they may be planning to put
it out later that night.) You can also use other people's bins for your own
purposes and lastly, if the bin is collected directly after the trashing
run, the exchange employees will not know it has been trashed and not step
up security.

The sad night after bin collection day, there will be some bins out but
most will be away. That is how you tell your night's fucked.


Line Of Sight
Check the surrounding area for places that may contain potential witnesses
(crime stopper granny homes, passersby etc.) The main areas you should be
concerned with line of sight to and from is your entry point to the
exchange and the dumpster itself. Limit exposure to these points, try to look
inconspicuous in the short time you spend there. If line of sight is too
good, avoid the locations completely.

Adjacent And Nearby Premises
Check these places for people that might see/hear you and think something
is amiss. Negative signs are residential premises and 24hr businesses
- check these to see if some nights they are closed and also what times of
night are the most active, and times of breaks, cars leaving etc. If there
are no places like this nearby, the place is eminently trashable. If not, you
will understand better that you can't make a bloody raucous in the compound
while you should be being a professional ... Exchanges are usually located in
'semi' commercial areas so most of the time you should be ok.

Lighting And Security Lighting
Be aware of the locations within the compound that are well lit, the
darker areas outside the compound will be able to see these areas very
clearly so its best to avoid them when possible and stick to the dark
places. You may as well do a scan for security lighting at this stage as
well, just so you don't get surprised by it!

They can become a problem. If there is one, you're pretty unlucky but you
can get around it by bringing some sticks of beef jerky for the little
bastard. That should shut it up enough to calm it down unless it starts
barking as soon as it's finished so they get more in which case a more
'permanent' solution may be necessary .. This should be noted on
adjacent premises and on the way to/from your vehicle.

Back Way In
In my experience alot of exchanges seem to back onto viable entry ways.
For example, parks, carparks, alley ways. It is probably because of the
'semi' commercial places they are located.

Compound Entry Point
Remember line of sight. Don't rattle the fence when you jump it. If it is
a gate, make sure you jump one that has the bolt in the ground (put it in
yourself if necessary.) Try to keep your silhouette low by 'rolling' over the

Approaches Of 'Hostiles'
For each access road/route a security vehicle might come from, you should
have a corresponding escape route. Try to make it one that puts you out
of sight of the route as soon as possible. Knowing the locations you will
be inside and the route you will take in each contingency means you can
act efficiently in these situations.

Advance Warning Systems
Its nice to know when its time to go. The idea is to see security before
they see you. You can post lookouts at each approach route. In this
instance it is probably not best to communicate via two-way as this will
make the 'operation' look planned. Just have him squawk like a bird or
something. If you've decided you're going to pull the run on the night
before bin collection day, then you can pull someone's bin out and put it
in the centre of the road. If the security doesn't get out, complain and
put the bin back, well then he's just going to drive straight into it and
make a noise. Knock the bin on its side if it looks more natural. If a car
is approaching from behind you, then you'll see the reflection of the
headlights on the wall infront of you.


The reason for the name of this chapter is because at my local exchange
the ambient light catches on the bin just so it looks like a big treasure
chest. It all adds to the cat burglar feel man.

The Padlock
Sometimes the dumpster will be padlocked, sometimes it won't. It depends
on the exchange and also I believe at some they remove the padlock on the
night before bin collection cause otherwise the garbage truck will pick it
up, turn it upside down and the lid will break. An important thing to note is
that under no circumstances are security to find out you bypassed a padlock
to get in the dumpster. This shows planning and intent. You want it to look
like you came up the open dumpster as an 'opportunity'. If you cut the
padlock with bolt cutters, put the padlock and the boltcutters somewhere away
from the scene (eg. back at the car), you can also wrap the padlock in a
plastic bag and put it in someone else's bin. If you've used a non-
destructive method, hide it nearby to collect later. In addition, the tools
you used to bypass it should be hidden or put back at the car as well.

Method Of Sorting
Work this out based on how much time you want to take, how much and what
kind of stuff you want to get.
1) Take a couple of garbage bags all together and leave
2) Take all the paper in the bag but leave all other stuff
3) Sort through everything, look at contents of papers etc. to see what is
worth taking
Sort what you want out of each bag, then take the stuff you will take
to a hiding spot where your bag is, or put in another garbage bag so it
looks less like you are taking a whole bunch of stuff.

Dark Spot To Sort Through Bags
Usually, the area around the dumpster will be lit. It would be better to
find a place that is not easily seen if someone decides to poke their head
over the fence. Bear in mind that you don't want to be totally boxed in.
Ideally, this spot should be out of line of sight with areas of potential
witnesses. Take the bags from the dumpster then go to this spot to sort.
While you are at this spot, illumination from your torch should be
shielded. Use a red lens, or make a 'hood' for it. Either tape around the
circumference so light doesn't escape from the sides or tape most of the
face so that there is just a little slit of light. If noise is a problem,
choose a spot that is away from the adjacent premises.

Noise And Cat Burglar Stealth
This will only be a problem if there are negative adjacent premises. When
you jump over fences, try to do it on a stable fence (as opposed to a gate)
and away from the premises that are occupied. A big thing is the rustling of
the damned garbage bag. Try to keep a firm grip on it and hold it together
as tightly as possible. Support it if lifting it over/through a fence. Don't
slide it out of the dumpster. Noise can be concealed by things like passing
cars, wind, rain and sprinkler systems (try to check what time they come on
if there are any.)

Avoision Of Security
You might have noticed that I used the word "avoision". This is because
it more accurately describes the kind of escape you should make if security
are detected. In trashing it is not really a 'run-for-your-life' type of
escape. That definitely looks suspicious. Just kind of casually slinking
off down your escape route is the idea. Its like if you run from a dog, it
will chase you and then bite you if it catches you. If you had stayed calm,
it might have tried to make friends. If you avoided them well and they
aren't really sure where you went, then you can run if you want. If you run
and they catch you, they'll bust you. In my opinion you are better off
trying to talk your way out of it with a well planned story. There is
no urgency, so don't make it seem like there is.

Excuses For Being In Compound
The main idea is that you want it to look like a random occurence and you
are just messing around inside. Make it well planned but don't let it look
that way. The old AFP random traffic stop that took months to arrange fits
well into this category. Large tools you brought with you should be hidden
elsewhere (the rest can be hidden on your person like on the way over) and
the only thing 'out' is the garbage bag you are currently working on and
they may not even notice it. Either quickly put the rubber gloves back in
your shorts, or find a spot to throw them (like in a bush) towards the
beginning of your escape route. If you have equipment out, put it in the
garbage bag or bin and deny ownership - its better than just standing there.
These excuses will have to be used with the excuse for what you are doing in
that specific area (where you came from , where you're going
, the route you would take etc.) Excuses include :
"I was taking a piss."
"I was throwing away some garbage."
"I got sidetracked cause this dumpster looked like it had some good stuff
in it."
"I/my father/mother/girlfriend/brother etc. threw something in here earlier
and its really important."
"I came here to have a rest."
"Some guys were chasing me and I came here to hide."
"That garbage bag was like that when I got here."
"Don't mind me, just passing through."
Take girl with you and tell them you "wanted to get some 'fucking' privacy."
Try to be polite. The idea is that if they think you were just messing
around they just send you on your way with a "warning" and exactly 24hrs
later you're back in the same place doing the same damn thing.

Leaving No Traces
If you plan on coming back again some other time you should atleast TRY to
leave no evidence that someone came and rifled through the bin. They may
increase security if you do this. If there is no padlock on the dumpster,
that is gold, so you want to maintain that advantage. If they keep requesting
patrols from the cops, that can turn out to be a major difficulty as well.
Don't be an idiot and smash stuff at the exchange or write notes for the
staff or something. Don't strew garbage all over the show. I know its nerve
wracking to not get the hell out of there after you've got your stuff from
the garbage bag but try to put it back in the bin afterwards. In my
experience, they don't seem to tie up the garbage bags before throwing them
in the bin, but if they do then untie them and tie them again afterwards,
don't rip them open. Taking afew whole bags won't be noticed. Lastly, don't
make a pattern out of when you go on a run to a particular exchange. If they
notice that someone has come and gone through the bin every night before bin
collection, they may have someone wait for you on that night. Vary the days
and/or don't do it every single week.

== On The Way Home ==

The main thing you need to consider is the items you are carrying. In
regards to tools, don't think that because you're not ABOUT to do something
wrong, You won't get busted for having them. Conceal as per previous section.
You may be able to get rid of the rubber gloves by wrapping them in a plastic
bag and throwing them in someone else's bin. Lastly, you may have a bag full
of stuff. If you get caught with it on the way back, its not like its
jewellery or a VCR or something - its junk. Excuses include :
"Its mine."
"They're photocopies for my assignment."
"I was making some stuff at my friend's house."

== Epilogue ==

If you want to start getting a feel for this stuff, next time you pass by
an exchange during open hours have a good squizz at it. Casing is not really
necessary for this kind of mission but its kinda fun to check them out. Have
a look at what the cars look like and how many etc. What the place looks like
when people are inside (gates open? doors open? etc.) and run through some
of the observations mentioned earlier.

Things you can expect to find include : Computer printouts, Screen Dumps of
an application called "Director", Phone numbers of wierd operator services
(Some written down, some from the screen dumps etc.), feeder cables and other
wires (to use on that weekend beige boxing project) and a myriad of other
documents that they've finished with. If you want more/more recent
information than you're getting from the dumpsters - well then its just time
to start breaking into the exchanges themselves (if you actually do get into
one, they look fantastic inside ;)

So, Happy Hunting and Tally Ho!

- Epic Target 26/10/99 [email protected]

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