My Bullens collection - from abandon zoo type places

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My Bullens collection - from abandon zoo type places

Post by Timon » Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:38 pm

Heres my Bullen's Collection, The bullens were mainly circus folk.

Im a big fan of the African Lion Safari which closed down back in 1991, i remember going there as a kid, i managed to get a few bits for a small collection to remember the place by, plus a few bits from Bullens other places.

It might not seem like much till you learn about the fact this place was burnt down after closing when the bush fires went through destroying everything that was left, which sadly was A LOT, all the tables, office stuff phone systems paperwork everything... they just walked out after closing leaving everything, even the lions! (they had a care taker to deal with them which i know) after the lions were removed after 1996 (after some idiot released some and they had to be shot) then the place was left on its own to defend itself... so when the fires came no body was there to try to defend the place.
Left: White Order Pad, Yellow Invoice Pad
Middle: African Lion Safari blank letters with letterheads and a bullens animal world letterhead
Right: Varies envelopes

Other Info

Check out the video, can you believe Sydney had a place like this once, it was pretty amazing, but the
way this stupid country is now with all its laws and OH&S shit stuff like this is no more, it was one of the main
reasons why this place was closed down.

"Stafford Bullen (20 March 1925, Bathurst, New South Wales - November 2001, Sydney[1]) was a circus proprietor and co-founder of the African Lion Safari, Warragamba.

Stafford was born to parents Alfred Percival Bullen and Lilian Bullen, who in 1920 founded Bullen's Circus. Stafford's circus career began at four. Stafford travelled the country as a child with the circus. He had a tutor and was an above average student, yet his formal education ceased at age fourteen.

Stafford, along with his brother Ken Bullen, ran the family business after their mother died in 1965. In 1968 they opened the African Lion Safari. It attracted over two hundred thousand visitors annually. In 1969 Bullen's Animal World opened at Wallacia, New South Wales.[1]

Stafford married Cleo; they had four children: Mark, Brenton, Sonya and Craig."

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