NetComm NTC-30WV Telstra Outdoor Gateway

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NetComm NTC-30WV Telstra Outdoor Gateway

Postby Timon » Thu Oct 20, 2016 10:30 pm

Hey guys, so i scored a NetComm NTC-30WV outdoors gateway off of ebay for $40 untested, they Retail for over $1000 so i thought i would take a shot at it, turns out it does work what a bargain! So, does anyone know how to unlock them for all carriers? its currently locked for Telstra which really is not a huge issue but was just curious, also the guy had another so once i verified the first worked i bought the second unit also!

Further Information

Pics woot

Thought about flashing normal non telstra Firmware into it, but might not be worth the risk since they retail for so much! anyway epic score i recon!

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