Failure configuring Windows updates

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Failure configuring Windows updates

Post by Freak » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:37 pm

Ok im the first to find this for sure.

installed windows 8 on a clients PC with my copy of the dvd, same ver asys win pro.
i used his key.
did a few updates couple days later get an error

"Failure configuring Windows updates Reverting changes Do not turn off your computer."

ok does that 2 times then i can get in. next reboot same thing.

i looked on google and people are saying that the win8 lic keys are specific to the version.. so if you install w8 any cd version.. and you put in a key it unlocks that version. Anyway i look at the system properties and find that under the license key it says unavailable or something. Ok well that can cause windows update issues also bottom right hand side it states the windows version, which if you remember if you pirate a windows OS or didnt activate your key it would say you are running a unlicensed copy of windows.

Anyway so i type into the command prompt 'suli 3" or some shit and that brings up the windows activation key section. so i put it in and BAM! says the key i put in is for upgrading only.

Well wtf you fucking cunts...

all good one day then this crap anywaaaaay check this

"During the launch, and in the press materials, Microsoft neglected to mention the licensing changes it has introduced with Windows 8.
Microsoft previously offered OEM licenses for systems builders, as well as retail upgrade licenses and full retail licenses.
Systems builder licenses are traditionally significantly cheaper than the full retail license, and previously weren’t available directly to end-users. With Windows 7 and prior, the OS was bundled onto hardware and sold via a reseller to the customer.
Microsoft now has done away with the full retail licenses -- meaning full boxed versions will no longer be available in stores -- and added an element to its systems builders licence that allows for personal use.

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